Les valeurs de Marquage Moderne : l'exigence, la réactivité, l'innovation, l'engagement pour le respect de l'environnement.

Your satisfaction is our watchword

In an ever-changing context, Marquage Moderne believes that the strength of a company lies in its ability to change and to adapt to the market while keeping its promises, its approach to its job and its relationship with its customers. Firmly attached to commitments to sustainability, long-lasting relationships and trust with our customers and suppliers and the professional fulfilment and protection of our employees, people are central to the company's assets.

Our values:

Our high standards

We are guided by our high standards regarding qualityour fundamental value -, meticulous workmanship and our ability to never take things for granted and to adapt to change. We have designed and implemented standardised processes in-house in order to guarantee our customers an optimised level of service. Our engraved or printed products are subjected to systematic inspections to be sure of their quality and our marking solutions are tested on a regular basis.

Our responsiveness

We pledge to provide our customers and prospective customers with a quote in less than 48 hours. Our organisation, our flexibility and the cohesiveness of our teams mean we can guarantee availability and rigorous monitoring from design to shipment of your products. Responsiveness is one of our key values and it is also our strong point.

Our capacity for innovation

When dealing with the demands of our customers, it is by using the skills and knowledge of our production and sales teams that the company is able to adapt and to reflect on offering the best solution to meet your requirements. The teams at Marquage Moderne are the best placed to understand your needs and to devise intuitively and professionally the solutions that are required for your engraving or printing.

This know-how and these skills are recognised and added to by regular training courses. An R&D unit is also an integral part of the company and is focused on innovation.

Our commitments

Maintaining professional secrecy: we abide by the customer’s requirement not to copy or disclose to a third party the content of jobs we are entrusted with. All the employees at Marquage Moderne sign a confidentiality agreement when they join the company.

Environment friendliness: we are specially careful about the impact that our activities may have on the environment, whether natural or human; environment friendliness is a main factor behind our production choices.