Finishing processes geared to your products

Thanks to our cutting-edge and versatile marking and industrial machining and metal finishing processes, enhance your marked an engraved products with a tailor-made finish, taking account of your requirements, with a personalised cut, protection through the addition of a varnish or a laminated film, mounting by the use of holes or adhesive backing, but also bending, painting, etc.: in other words a range of operations needed to achieve the end result.

The finish is the final touch given to plates and labels. It calls for various processes in order to enhance your product. Consequently, each phase is carried out to fit the material and the marking chosen. The processes used for these operations take into account the quantity and the final finish required in order to satisfy your needs.

The sales team will be able to suggest the right finish for your product, also depending on your requirements for use and the shelf life you would like for your marking: cutting, machining, crimping, bending, painting, protection by varnish or lamination or mounting by holes or adhesive backing.

Thanks to the array of finishing options included in our production processes, Marquage Moderne can satisfy all your needs.

And for the final installation of your products, we can even offer to supply the accessories.

Our processing and finishing operations:

  • cutting to make your plates and labels to the end shape and size, for all metal and plastic materials
  • machining, riveting or crimping, bending and painting to give the final touch to your product
  • the addition of a protective coating, either a varnish or a laminated film for a longer life for your products
  • mounting, by drilling holes or applying adhesive backing so products are ready to be installed