A continuous improvement approach

Marquage Moderne has maximised the organisation of its premises, using the LEAN method, according to the various activity areas found in the company, with the aim being better performance, comfort and safety for its employees. Marquage Moderne regularly calls on the expertise of outside consultants to improve and acquire fresh skills.

Our organisation:


Our sales team is ready to help you and works out the best solution to fit your needs. Selecting materials, choosing technologies and finishes, taking into account your user constraints, budget requirements and deadlines: our sales advisors are able to make you one or more proposals in under 48 hours. And that is possible thanks to a structure that allows them to focus their attention wholly on the expectations of our customers.

If you would like to feel and see an example of a plate or label, we have a range of samples available on request. Contact us

Research and Development

Our R&D activity enables us to design and develop innovative products. Our design office is the starting point for any innovation.

Whether reliability testing or quality control, our design office takes care of optimising the performance of existing products, developing our engraving or printing technologies and devising new solutions to meet specific needs. Find out more


PNo fewer than 20 employees work in production which is divided into two separate areas: one is for engraving and the other for printing. Every year, Marquage Moderne makes a range of investments in equipment at the cutting edge of technology and in staff training in order to satisfy the requirements of current standards.

Our storage area means we have ready access to plastic and metal substrates for producing standard solutions. Consequently, Marquage Moderne is able to shorten its lead times: 10 days (on average). Every production run, whether medium or mass, is carried out according to quality and safety criteria.

Central to production, Marquage Moderne has an integrated DTP service made up of computer graphics designers trained in our business software programs and their upgrades. These designers work on creating and devising mock-ups and visual identity, doing the pass for press and preparing marking files.


We package and transport finished products to tight deadlines thanks to our shipping department. Marquage Moderne works in partnership with carriers and courier services that it has carefully selected and audited. We take care of managing all the administrative and customs documents. We guarantee the traceability of your deliveries through our service providers’ tracking solutions.