Installation accessories for industrial & company plates, labels and tags

Marquage Moderne can supply a whole range of ancillary accessories that are nevertheless necessary to use your finished product immediately. The sales team at Marquage Moderne will be on hand to advise you in selecting accessories suited to your installation requirements.

Spacer and screw cover

Accessoire entretoise et cache visA spacer is a rigid part that connects two others by keeping them at a set distance. The spacer thus makes it possible to mount a plaque by standing it out slightly from its base. Screw covers give a perfect finishing touch to the installation of your product. They elegantly hide the retaining screws.

Beaded chain

Accessoire chaînette à boulesBeaded chain is made of metal and has the added advantage of being extremely flexible. Beaded chains come in different lengths and are used to attach your advertising tags or tokens easily to any medium without damaging it. A clasp makes for easy use of the product and makes this attachment non-permanent and removable.

Split ring

Accessoire anneau de fixationA split ring is often used to make a key ring. It is an ideal accessory to attach industrial tokens or communication tags and thereby create your own goodies.

Stamped support

Accessoire support emboutiStamped supports or “label holders” make it possible to fix plates or labels to non-flat surfaces such as pipes. The label is riveted to the stainless steel base so it is held in place firmly and sturdily. Mounting on these stamped back plates can be done in our workshops or taken care of by you. The support will be attached using your choice of means (often by a stainless steel or plastic clamping collar) through the openwork shape on the reverse of the label holder provided for that purpose.

Clamping collar

Accessoire-collier-fixation-inoxA clamping collar or clamping clip is a device to hold a label in position on a pipe or hose. The clamping collar is adapted to the diameter of the base. It can be stainless steel or plastic depending on use.

Other accessories

Accessoire support étiquetteMarquage Moderne can also take care of finding other types of accessories you may need to provide a comprehensive turnkey service; these could be hardware (screws, hooks, lead wire, etc.) or Velcro strips, label holders or magnetic holders for example.
Please let us know if you have any specific requirements for installation accessories.