Industrial markings on plastics and metals.
Our business is marking using etching and printing processes

Marquage Moderne is specialised in making plates and labels for industry and communication. The company uses various etching or printing technologies on metals or plastics.

Expert knowledge

gravure percage

Marquage Moderne has more than 20 years’ experience in the production of plates and labels for industry and advertising.

Ever committed to a growth strategy and to a policy of customer satisfaction, it is a reference in the fields of industrial printing and etching on metal or plastic markings substrates.
Sound, steady growth has enabled the company, on 1500 m² premises, to conduct a well thought out investment policy, in line with market trends and thereby to expand its range of products.

Over time, Marquage Moderne has acquired know-how and expertise in producing a wide range of products designed for various uses, both indoors and out.

From standard to innovative product

recherche et développementThe standard products made by Marquage Moderne cover an extensive range of needs for etched plates and labels because of the production processes in place: our marking solutions. Each product is characterised by its aesthetic finish, its material, size, marking, mounting, production quantities and its use.

In order to meet specific requirements, the teams at Marquage Moderne draw on all their skills and experience to create a new product. Thanks to their ability to listen attentively and to understand expectations, their creativeness and capacity for reflection, they will find the optimum solution to create an outstanding product.

Reliability, quality and resourcefulness

productionWhether for a one-off production, in a small, medium or large quantity, engraved or printed, our high standards are always the same: to deliver top-notch products to your deadlines!

From sales to production, from graphic design to research and development, the teams at Marquage Moderne are driven by a passion for their job. They do their utmost to cater for your specifications, to improve production techniques and to provide you with an impeccable result.

Our growth priorities

Marquage Moderne has opted to embark on a continuous improvement initiative. This initiative is a key factor for competitiveness and we have based our quality policy on the following priorities:

  • 1: To ensure the company's survival by remaining attentive to the market and adapting to it.
  • 2: To establish a long-lasting, trusting relationship with our customers and suppliers, based on attentiveness, openness and confidentiality.
  • 3: To develop and optimise the skills of our employees.
  • 4: To ensure the safety and to protect the health of our employees.
  • 5: To be actively involved in taking care of the environment in carrying out our business.