Materials and marking solutions for all your needs

Marquage Moderne places all its industrial engraving such as laser engraving on various metallic or plastic materials at your service and teams these up with materials in stock to offer you standardised marking solutions expertly implemented by our teams in the workshop. Thanks to our standard marking solutions, which call on the production processes most in demand, we enable you to gain turnaround time because we manage a sufficient stock of flexible materials, plastic or metal to meet your needs.
These solutions each have their specific wear and tear properties.
View our solutions by selecting a material and a marking technology.

Our material page present our main marking solutions, combining a material with a technology (engraving or printing). Our sales team is ready to explain the characteristics of the main materials we work with and examples of creations, the various possible finishes and a table of recommendations for use with the following criteria:

  • Outdoor or indoor use
  • UV resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to abrasion

Our solutions each have a different level of resistance depending on the material and the marking technology. This level of resistance is determined by the properties of the materials, our experience and tests performed by our R&D. However, this information is given purely as a guide since the conditions of use and the environment are significant criteria that impact the long-lastingness of products.

For more specific needs, we can also use production processes combining several of our skills or work with specific materials in line with your needs so as to offer you a bespoke industrial or advertising marking solution.