ISO 9001 certification

Marquage Moderne has had a QSE (Quality Security Environment) Management System in place for several years, which has earned it in particular, the ISO 9001 standard.

This system guarantees:

  • The high quality of our products and services by dint of expertise in our engraving and printing procedures and technologies and the management of our suppliers and our skills.
  • Environment friendliness thanks to total recycling of our waste and the development of energy saving schemes.
  • The health and safety of our employees thanks to an in-depth study resulting in the improvement of working conditions, the management of our hazardous products and the prevention of emergency situations.

Our QSE initiative is therefore an essential driver of industrial performance so as to satisfy fully the needs of our customers in the long term.Logo AFAQ 9001



And in practice

Quality control and traceability

Our commitment to quality control leaves nothing to chance. Marquage Moderne has set up detailed procedures regarding production and compliance with standards.

Our management information system means all the materials and processes used to make your products can be traced so we can reproduce your order easily.

Security of our employees

Every employee at Marquage Moderne has personal protective equipment and gets training in security.

Marquage Moderne has set up professional risk assessment. Whenever engraving or printing technologies change, this assessment is updated and helps to identify new risks that are covered by prevention measures.


Waste is meticulously sorted in our plant. Today, we can confirm that 100% of our waste is recycled.
Every employee is made aware of the importance of protecting the environment while at work.