A graphic design unit at your service

To give you a full service for your marking needs, we have an in-house DTP Department to work on your graphic and technical files and to be able to guarantee top quality marking in keeping with your expectations.

Our graphic designers are able to do the graphic design for your industrial or advertising marking according to your requirements. We have the latest versions of DTP (Desktop Publishing) software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Autocad to be able to design or transform the elements and computer files that you send us in order to create your marking to the very best advantage.

Marquage Moderne’s DTP team, made up of three computer graphics designers, is proficient in the creation and layout of your industrial or advertising plates or labels and can devise a product for you that corresponds to your visual identity (logo, colour reference, etc.). It can also work from a customer file provided that will serve as a model to create the production file needed to manufacture your product in line with the chosen marking technology. We export data from your files in Word or Excel format for the marking of variables.

And for those who already have usable files, we nevertheless check and proofread your file (spelling, colours, image resolution, etc.).

We can produce a visual mock-up of the industrial marking in PDF format that we submit to you for approval prior to production; this is what we call the pass for press.

Click here to view some examples of product creations prepared by our DTP unit.