Expert knowledge of the main industrial marking systems

Industrial marking is changing to offer increasingly advanced services. Every year, Marquage Moderne invests several hundreds of thousands of euros to get a production tool and marking solutions at the cutting edge of technology to find plastics and metal etching solutions in order to satisfy your needs and demands. Two production workshops are set aside for the different: one for cutting and engraving, the other for printing techniques, in other words six marking options that can be teamed up to find the marking solution for you.

Each of our marking technologies has its own aesthetic appearance, long-lastingness and wearability properties. Depending on whether you want deep or shallow engraving, brightly coloured printing, a permanent product or just for a one-off display, our experienced advisors will choose from among our marking technologies the one most suited to your specifications according to the material, the quantities and how your product will be used (indoor or outdoor, harsh environment or subject to cleaning products and/or chemicals, etc.).

Our marking technologies:

  • laser engraving for precision marking over the surface
  • mechanical engraving for permanent indented marking
  • chemical etching for prestigious, in-depth marking
  • screen printing for long-lasting marking with bright colours
  • digital printing, four-colour marking for whatever takes your fancy
  • embossing for marking that is part of the material and stands out

Click here to view in our photo gallery examples of products created with our different processes.