Engraved name tages & nameplates, marking for communication

Marking is everywhere; whether for branding, information or marketing purposes as well as security, organization and identification issues (ID & engraved name tags and engraved nameplates, Rating plates, signage plates or information panels…) , it is constantly changing and its communication conventions are being modernised. Marquage Moderne deploys a wide range of communication media to increase your visibility and grow your reputation.
From nameplate to events marking, not forgetting signage and advertising stickers, Marquage Moderne’s marking technologies makes your communication projects a reality and creates marking products that develop your brand image.

Your engraved plates, printed labels, stickers or trophies designed for advertising campaigns will be made in small, medium or mass production runs. Whether made from plastic, metal or flexible materials, we will recommend the most appropriate cutting and finish to get a product that is both attractive and hardwearing.

Our marking processes satisfy every possible requirement and adapt to the materials chosen. With a choice of laser engraving, mechanical engraving, chemical etching, digital or screen printing, our sales team will be able to advise you in combining the right material with the technology that best fits your specifications.

Our computer graphics designers will provide you with advice on graphics and will adapt to your needs whether they may be to create a visual identity, express your graphic charter, or adapt your advertising codes to various communication media.

Marquage Moderne will apply all its expertise to satisfy your needs:

  • sales expertise to guide you in selecting the communication medium best suited to your needs
  • production mastered from cut to finish and including the various marking methods available to you
  • a graphic design office on hand to create a clear, legible message and a quality rendering of your visual