Engraved or printed plates and labels in metal, plastic and flexible materials

Plates & labels

Marking products for industry or communication

Do you want to have engraved or printed plates in plastic or metal and engraved labels made for industrial or advertising uses? Marquage Moderne can provide you with the right engraved products either rigid or flexible, such as: identification plates, CE marking and barcode plates, engraved plastic labels, front panels, tokens, labels and stickers, rules and measurement tools and also display stands, easels and trophies. Whatever your line of business, Marquage Moderne has the answer to your marking needs for advertising, identification or statutory marking requirements.

Industrial marking

Industry is faced with specific requirements that call for visible, long-lasting marking. Marquage Moderne is specialised in the manufacture of engraved plates and industrial marked labels geared to every type of environment.
From data plates to barcode labels, not forgetting front panels, identification plates and tags or safety signs for Works councils, employee representative committees etc., Marquage Moderne deploys a large range of products for industry.

Marking for communication

Marking is everywhere; whether for branding, information or marketing purposes as well as security, organization and identification issues (ID & engraved name tags and engraved nameplates, Rating plates, signage plates or information panels…) , it is constantly changing and its communication conventions are being modernised. Marquage Moderne deploys a wide range of communication media to increase your visibility and grow your reputation.
From nameplate to events marking, not forgetting signage and advertising stickers, Marquage Moderne’s marking technologies makes your communication projects a reality and creates marking products that develop your brand image.

Marquage Moderne has a well-established sales team that will offer you its expertise and advice in choosing the products to use as your media: engraved plate, printed marking label, identification tag, sticker, etc., but also metal or plastic substrate, the marking technology used (engraving or printing), cutting and finishing. Our products can be made from the files you supply or our computer graphics designers will work on designing a mock-up as per your specifications.

We are able to mark your wording using engraving or printing however complex your specifications may be:

  • Every alphabet (Greek, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, etc.)
  • Barcodes, Data Matrix Codes, QR Codes
  • Photos, logos, graphics
  • Pictograms, symbols

Our markings can be:

  • Identical or with different models
  • Colour or monochrome
  • With blank fields so you can personalise them yourself
  • With variable data or increments (numbering, a series of numbers or alphanumeric code, personalised database)

Our products can be made with:

  • Simple (rectangle, circle, oval, etc.) or specific cutting (die cutting)
  • Material thickness from a few millimetres to several centimetres
  • Straight or bevelled edges
  • Right-angled or rounded corners
  • Various finishes: machining, bending, painting, varnishing or protective filming
  • Mounting by hole drilling or self-adhesive backing, with installation accessories supplied on request
Marquage Moderne has been providing customers with marking solutions for 20 years, customers who have strict requirements regarding aesthetic appearance and durability.

Philippe GANNE, CEO

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